Your Consultation...

We live life at breakneck speed; you've been eating on the run for long enough and you sense your body is telling you things but you can't make the connections; you don't feel 'Super-You'.  Time for a consultation with a professional...

First I'll explain my terms so you'll be clear how I work and what to expect.  Please bring with you any recent test results and a list of current medications and dosages. 

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Second I'll ask questions targeted to your condition including about your current diet and lifestyle using the functional medicine model to look at how to establish better levels of vitality, resilience and optimal wellness


Thirdly I'll produce a tailored nutrition plan, personal to you to support the constitution you were born with.  It will include clear guidance on any necessary diet and lifestyle changes, made easy for you to achieve within your current life and job demands


The plan will contain suggestions for any functional tests to better inform our work together and allow us to measure our success as we work through a set of subsequent review consultations. 

It's good to talk to a professional, to get back on track, to join up the dots.  It's only when you feel better that you realise how bad you felt before. Yes, and I've been there too!