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What is Nutritional Therapy?

The tools of nutritional therapy enable you to discover the drivers and mediators of your current state of wellness. Adjustments to diet and lifestyle can have a profound effect on your health.

An often over-looked fact is that food is medicine and equally it can be poison, depending on your completely unique 'body machinery'.  I can offer professional help at my practice near Nottingham to help you make those adjustments can be highly beneficial and lead to profound change.

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What conditions can it help?

The following conditions can be alleviated through professional nutritional therapy; issues concerned with digestion, IBS, nervous system, joints, muscular pain, stress, detoxification, tiredness, energy, sleep, hormone balance, healthy fertility/pregnancy, memory and concentration, skin, menstruation, inflammation and immune system can all be supported through good diet and lifestyle choices.

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Getting to the root cause...

Through detailed medical history taking and functional laboratory testing it is possible to discover the root cause or causes of your current issues.  I use the functional medicine model to unearth which body systems are in trouble and apply supportive measures to restore balance through diet and lifestyle changes and short-term therapeutic doses of professionally targeted supplements.

The goal of functional medicine is person-centred rather than disease-centred to establish lifelong optimal health, not just absence of disease.

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A long-term approach...

Drugs and medications treat symptoms of disease without necessarily addressing their cause; it's like putting a sticking plaster over a dirty wound and expecting it to heal well.  So using nutritional therapy and the functional medicine model  

I look for the roots, drivers and triggers of your condition for long-term results for your physical and emotional health and wellbeing.  Reach me here in Derbyshire!