Sue Carey



After finishing teaching at Derby College in 2002 I studied anatomy and physiology whilst deciding what to do next.  During that time I became interested in the powerful effects on my sense of wellbeing of reflexology and this lead to my qualifying and setting up in practice in 2003.

When my elderly mother became frail in her later life, my uncle who practiced medicine in Singapore for 50 years introduced us to the idea of food being medicine and the here forgotten importance of therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals to support good health. This has lead me to where I am now.

I come to nutritional therapy with a love of good, real food, a keen interest in the science behind its therapeutic benefits and its ability to restore function where body systems may be failing to function efficiently.  

My background at the Cordon Bleu school in London means I enjoy good food myself and will always work to find deliciously healthy recipes and menus for you to guide you on your way.  That means it is fun, exciting and easy to make changes for the sake of your health when you work with me!

This combination of skills has helped me to provide simple, targeted advice, with a robust understanding of the underlying conditions involved, to carefully support a return to better health.

I think it’s good to take a certain amount of responsibility for my own health and this can be fun too.  I have met many fellow health professionals this way who share the same outlook and approach and to whom I am happy to refer clients in specific cases, where their skills compliment mine

Many of the lovely people who come to see me share the same attitude and it is a pleasure to help them in whatever way I can.